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1996-2005 OBD-II SCT XCalibrator Handheld Programmer

SCT XCalibrator Handheld Programmer for all 1996-2005 OBD-II Ford Vehicles. -Chips are no longer needed with this new revolution in tunning! -NO tools, NO accessing the computer, simply plug into your data port, press button & go. -Unit will store your stock tune as well as 3 additional performance tunes. -Unit allows minor "tweaking" by using a laptop (software stored in unit). -Tune will improve horsepower, torque, gas mileage, and throttle response.

Because we provide a custom tune you need to give the following info: -Processor Code -Forced Induction -Gears -MAF & Injector size.

AB107Regular price: $399.95Sale price: $379.88
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